Hi! Welcome to my page, I'm so glad you're here so I can tell you a little bit about myself and why photography motivates me to inspire others. First of all, my name is Ellythea and that is pronounced like Elly-thea, it is Greek and means “of the moon”. Fairly relevant considering my absolute love for the Ocean! 


There is nothing more incredible than the underwater world, everything about it draws me in. Being extremely fortunate growing up on the beautiful Gold Coast I have always been by the beach, it's as familiar to me as eating and breathing is. However, as times are rapidly changing I’m now aware of what is happening to the beautiful world we live in and the urgency needed to preserve and protect it. 

For me, photography is an incredibly powerful way to send an important message. Sometimes the hardest part of my job is facing the reality of the Ocean today, but without these images how can anybody know what its really like below the surface unless they've experienced it for themselves? 


My mission is to show people what we cannot afford to lose and hopefully never will through these underwater photographs which are also available for purchase.

Solo exhibition at Sustainable Surf Collab, Coolangatta October 2017

Top 50 finalist in the Annual Art Lovers Australia competition 2018

Interview in Rarlo Magazine

Feature image in Home Design Australia Volume 21 Number 4

Feature Article in Rarlo Magazine issue 1 2019

'Best Marine Photographer' awarded by Gold Coast Green Week, Gecko Environment Council and Surfrider Foundation 2019